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Is There A Timeline For Placing Snap-In Dentures In Mesa, AZ?

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Snap-in dentures in Mesa, AZ can restore the look, health, and function of a patients smile in a variety of ways. While the snap-in denture procedure can be customized to each patient’s specific smile, there is a standardized procedure process to place them. This snap-in denture procedure process has a general timeline it can be completed in. Continue reading to learn more about the timeline it takes to place snap-in dentures.

What Is The Timeline For Placing Snap-In Dentures In Mesa, AZ?

The timeline for placing snap-in dentures can vary depending on individual circumstances. Generally, the process involves several steps that may span a few months. Initially, a comprehensive dental examination and assessment are conducted to determine the patient’s suitability for snap-in dentures.

This is followed by the surgical placement of dental implants, which requires a healing period of a few months to allow the dental implants to completely integrate with the jawbone. Once the dental implants have properly fused with the patient’s jawbone, the denture is designed and fabricated, and the snap-in dentures are attached to the dental implants.

Overall, the timeline for placing snap-in dentures typically ranges from a few months to several months, taking into account the healing process and the fabrication of the dentures. It is important for the patient to first consult with the dental professional so they can have a personalized timeline based on their specific situation.

How Do Strategically Placed Snap-In Dentures Benefit Me?

Snap-in dentures, also known as implant-supported dentures or overdentures, are a type of removable denture that attaches to dental implants for enhanced dental stability and support. Unlike traditional dentures that rest on the gums or rely on adhesives, snap-in dentures are securely anchored to dental implants that are surgically placed in the jawbone.

The denture attaches to the dental implants using specialized connectors, such as ball attachments or bar connectors, creating a secure fit and preventing slippage or movement while the patient is speaking or eating. Snap-in dentures give the patient improved comfort, stability, and chewing efficiency compared to conventional dentures. They give patients more natural feeling teeth and an enhanced ability to eat a wider range of foods.

Additionally, snap-in dentures help preserve the patients jawbone integrity by stimulating the underlying bone through the dental implants, which can prevent bone loss over time. Snap-in dentures are a popular choice for individuals who have lost most or all of their teeth and desire a more secure and functional denture solution.

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