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Looking Forward To Getting Treated With Tooth Implants In Mesa, AZ? Here Is How They Can Benefit Your Smile

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For those who have one or more missing teeth, they will want to replace those teeth with a beautiful and functional restorative tooth replacement option. Tooth implants in Mesa, AZ, are a restorative tooth replacement option that gives patients the new smile they need to live a normal life. Depending on the number of missing teeth they have, patients can get treated with single dental implants, implant supported dentures, and full mouth dental implants. 

There are numerous other ways dental implants benefit people’s smiles. Continue reading to learn more about how tooth implants benefit people’s smiles. 

How Exactly Do Tooth Implants In Mesa, AZ Benefit My Smile? 

Tooth implants are able to benefit peoples smiles in functional and cosmetic ways. The following are more detailed explanations of how tooth implants benefit peoples smiles functionally and cosmetically: 

Functional Benefits Of Tooth Implants

When people get treated with tooth implants, they effectively prevent the patient from experiencing jawbone resorption. Tooth implants prevent jawbone resorption from happening because the dental implant posts are made to mimic the function of natural tooth roots. Specifically, the dental implant post is made to function like a natural tooth root. 

When the dental implant post is securely placed in the patient’s jawbone, it not only fuses with it and becomes a permanent part of their smile, it also stimulates the jawbone so that it stays healthy and strong. When a person bites or chews with tooth implants, the pressure and forces exerted on the dental implants transmit through them into the jawbone. 

This stimulation signals the body to maintain and strengthen the bone in that area, preserving its density and structure. Moreover, tooth implants restore an impressive 99% of dental functionality, making them an unparalleled solution for replacing missing teeth. With tooth implants, patients can enjoy the ability to bite, chew, and speak with confidence, just as they would with their natural teeth. 

Cosmetic Benefits Of Tooth Implants 

Tooth implants give patients natural and beautiful looking new teeth that, with proper care and maintenance, can last them for years to come. Tooth implants are made to blend in naturally to the patients smile through their fit, shape, and color. This gives patients a better-looking new smile that they can be confident in. 

Additionally, because tooth implants keep the jawbone healthy and strong, they help maintain the patient’s facial structure and prevent jawbone resorption. By preserving the jawbone, dental implants prevent the sunken-in appearance that often accompanies tooth loss. With tooth implants, patients can enjoy a beautiful and radiant new smile that looks and feels completely natural.

See Us Now So You Can Experience The Benefits Of Tooth Implants

Whether you have one missing tooth or a full arch of missing teeth, our restorative dental implants can give you the new smile you need and deserve. With personalized tooth implants, you will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently. 

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