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When Are Fixed Dentures In Mesa, AZ, Not The Best Tooth Replacement Option?

Fixed dentures are a reliable tooth replacement option that uses two or more dental implants to stabilize a denture. With fixed dentures, patients will have an easier time eating and chewing food, speaking clearly, and smiling with confidence. While getting treated with fixed dentures in Mesa, AZ can benefit a patient’s smile in many ways, they are not always the best tooth replacement option for some people.

Interested in learning more about why fixed dentures might not be the best tooth replacement option? Here is more information on why fixed dentures may not be the best tooth replacement option.

Why Fixed Dentures In Mesa, AZ May Not Be The Best Tooth Replacement Option?

While fixed dentures can functionally and aesthetically enhance a patient’s smile, they may not always be the best choice for everyone due to several reasons. The following are the specific reasons why fixed dentures may not be the best tooth replacement option.

Needs Dental Implants

Unlike traditional dentures that are just secured to a patient’s gums with dental adhesives, fixed dentures give patients a secure and stable new smile with strategically and accurately placed dental implants. Once the dental implants are precisely placed in the patient’s jawbone where there is enough jawbone density to support them, the dental implants fuse with it and become a permanent part of their smile.

With the dental implants securely in place, they stimulate the jawbone like natural tooth roots do, keeping the jawbone strong and healthy. When the denture is attached to the securely placed dental implants, the patient has a sturdy new smile that they can eat, speak, and smile properly with. For those who don’t want a permanent tooth replacement option, however, then they not want to be treated with fixed dentures.

More Costly

While fixed dentures give patients a long lasting and reliable new smile, they are a more costly tooth replacement option up front than traditional dentures are. This is because fixed dentures use dental implants to secure the denture to the patient’s mouth. Although dentures will need to be adjusted and maintained through the years, patients won’t have to worry about having to deal with a high initial cost with them.

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While fixed dentures are strong and reliable, traditional dentures are affordable. When you come to our caring and advanced office, we can help you determined the best tooth replacement option for your specific needs and wants.

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