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Should I Get Treated With Customized Snap-In Dentures In Mesa, AZ?

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When people have missing teeth, are tired of wearing traditional dentures, and want a personalized new smile, then they should get treated with customized snap-in denture in Mesa AZ. With snap-in dentures, dental implants are used to stabilize a denture. Once the snap-in dentures are securely placed, 40 to 50% of the patient’s dental functionality will be restored, giving the patient a dependable and predictable new smile.

When properly taken care of, snap-in dentures can last for many years. Want to learn more about why people should get treated with customized snap-in dentures? Continue reading to learn more details about why people should get treated with customized snap-in dentures.

Why You Should Get Treated With Customized Snap-In Dentures In Mesa, AZ

Before the placement of snap-in dentures, people may undergo preliminary bone grafting or periodontal therapy procedures so that they can get the exact new smile of their dreams. These preparatory steps ensure that the foundation for the snap-in dentures is strong and healthy. Bone grafting restores the patient’s jawbone so that it is strong and healthy enough to support the patient’s new smile.

In a customized snap-in denture procedure, the patient will get tooth extractions for any of their remaining teeth that may be compromised or beyond repair. The tooth extraction prepares the patient’s oral environment for the strategic placement of dental implants.

A key aspect of customized snap-in denture procedures is the placement of two dental implants on the patient’s lower arch and four dental implants on the patient’s upper arch. These dental implants serve as sturdy anchors for the denture, giving patients a stable and comfortable new smile. The strategic placement of the dental implants is crucial for securely and reliably attaching the denture to them.

The ultimate goal of getting treated with customized snap-in dentures, is to give the patient a functional, healthy, and beautiful new smile. The dentures are precisely crafted to fit the contours of the patient’s mouth, giving them a comfortable and better-looking new smile. With securely placed snap-in dentures, the patient will have the confidence to speak, eat, and smile without the concerns often associated with traditional dentures.

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