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If you’re struggling with many missing or failing teeth or are already completely edentulous (toothless), you’ve come to the right practice. Dentures, like many other restorative treatments, have benefited from advances in dental technology and we’ve incorporated them into our practice.

Like other patients, you may decide you prefer same-day dentures because this protocol eliminates waiting several weeks for your mouth to heal and feeling self-conscious prior to getting your new dentures. If you’re looking for traditional dentures, same-day dentures, or snap-on dentures near you in Mesa, AZ, we can help. We also offer full arch dental implants if you decide you want the best permanent tooth replacement solution.

Our skilled and caring denture and implant expert, Dr. Alyssa Mencini, will discuss the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision.

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A Short Guide to
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The Process for Getting
Immediate Dentures

After Dr. Mencini extracts your teeth, the denture is inserted in your mouth with a special material inside the denture base.

During the first six months, she recommends being fitted with a soft liner, which cushions the denture while your gums heal.

After healing is complete, a final fitting or reline of your same-day denture is performed to ensure a secure fit.

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The Pros and Cons of
Same-Day Dentures

The biggest advantage of immediate dentures in Mesa, AZ is that you won’t have to cope another day with the downsides of tooth loss. It’s also easier to replicate natural teeth’ shape, color, and alignment prior to extraction. Research shows that an immediate denture helps to preserve facial appearance, height, muscular tone, and speech while reducing post-extraction pain.

Placement of a same-day denture also provides immediate improvement in your ability to eat and minimizes facial distortion that can occur after teeth are extracted. If you choose immediate dentures as a temporary solution, there is the added cost of paying for two sets of dentures and undergoing frequent adjustments while your gums heal.